Writing (Different Topics and Main Points)

  1. Your life or your parent’s life is more satisfying for future generations?
    1. Education level
      1. primary secondary school- university
      2. Making more money
      3. Afford a car and house
    2. Technological developments
      1. Alleviate the burden in school life
      2. Assignments submit them via email or internet
      3. Immense source of information
      4. No need for hard copy of a reference book
  2. Childhood is the happiest time of a person’s life
    1. Responsibility
      1. Earning money or budgeting for family welfare
      2. No cooking, washing, cleaning- jut little help (burdensome household chores)
    2. Full of energy and playing entertaining games
      1. Many energy-requiring activities but not feeling tiredness
      2. Hide and seek, football, Frisbee
      3. Friendships was sincere not depending on benefits
  3. Pros and Cons
    1. Technology: the use of fabricated tool and materials to help in accomplishing tasks.
    2. Tools for survival
      1. Weapons for protection and hunting containers for water
    3. It saves lives
      1. x-ray, open heart surgery, anesthesia, antibiotics, insulin, allergy medicine.
    4. Enhances everyday living
      1. Better food, cleaner water, communication, entertainment
    1. Cars belch out noxious gasses and CO2 adds + global warming
    2. Makes us weaker: drive-walk; computer-solving own
    3. Modifying our food supply
    4. Communication (better) but more isolation
    5. Less face to face communication, electronic options are avaliable..
    6. Online bullying
  4. Honesty
    1. Social life; makes good and dependable friendship; get rid of psychological problems
    2. Work life: companies would like to trade with you; would prefer dependable one..
  5. Management Positions
    1. Not easy to deal with human being
    2. Managing people and directing them into a certain way makes me stressful
    3. Individual responsibility (engineering and R&D department
    4. Personal time management – no need to look forward for smo else’s free time
    5. Job done – free to do whatever…
    6. Smo else’s mistake will not bother me.
    7.  or affect adversely my future career.
  6. A good parent (179)
    1. Should set a good example (role model), responsibility
    2. Addictive products, cigarettes, alcohol/ the future of their children/ school life and future success
  7. Small town vs big city (009)
    1. Small town: Clean, natural products,/ more healthy/ less pollution (air, water)
    2. Big city: universities/ cinemas, theatre/ medical centers/ education opportunity/ medical facilities

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